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Step One

Product Origination

HPC IP uses In-house powerful pricing and optimization tools which allow to:

  • Optimize the pay-off by trying numerous combinations
  • Optimize the underlying by running a same pay-off on a large number of underlyings and ranking the outcome according to pricing aggressiveness
  • Price faster

This ensure you trade the pay-off and underlying that are best in line with your investment objectives

In addition, HPC IP’s clients benefit from:

  • An access to a 35+ issuers network ensuring the best pricing possible and a diversified credit risk
  • An access to the largest range of underlying assets : equity, credit, rates, commodities, FX

This ensure you trade all your products at the best price with the best issuers through one trusted channel

Prior to trade

  • HPC IP generates for its client a one-pager marketing document detailing the product’s risks, rewards and mechanism. This document is generated automatically.

This helps the investment adviser making sure of the end investor’s understanding of the product terms prior to the transaction.

One unique trusted channel. No Hassles.

  • Your company access to over 35 different issuers through on single channel for origination, execution and settlement. No endless onboarding process, no Distribution Agreement are needed anymore with the different issuers.

Step Two

Production Execution

HPC IP trading tool ensures a fast and reliable best-execution process, thanks to:

  • A fully automated termsheet generation
  • Instant trade booking and confirmation
  • Best-execution reportings : ensuring our clients to comply with regulatory requirements by keeping records of best-execution for each trade

Step Three

Lifecycle Management


The ultimate Structured Products assistant

Among other features, Skyline offers:

  • Live pricing
  • Real-time portfolio monitoring
  • Automated product documentation and reporting generator
  • Graphical simulation

Benefits to your company

HPC IP is the one-stop-shop solution for your structured products investments