About our OTF

HPC IS (OTCex Group) has been authorised by the British National Competent Authority (FCA) to operate an Organised Trading Facility (OTF). HPC IS OTF services will be available from its London location.

HPC IS offers best execution to its clients. As such and in compliance with the regulations, the HPC UK OTF Operator has the discretion to place, or not place, a client order into the OTF, unless they receive client instructions to execute the order outside the venue.

When the HPC UK OTF Operator places an order into the OTF, they will always meet the conditions of multi-laterality in making sure there are always three available clients interacting on the order being placed.

The structure of HPC IS UK OTF is described in the table below:

Legal Entity Code MIC OTF Segment Code MIC Segments Trading Protocol Trading System
HPC Investment Services Limited

LEI Code




Inflation-linked derivatives



/ Electronic


eTrading Platform

Interest rate and

currency derivatives



Documents as of April 2022
These rules were the subject of a FCA decision dated 05/04/2022 of the approval of the rules.

Document Date
General Rulebook 5 April 2023 Download PDF Link Icon
Product instruction 5 April 2022 Download PDF Link Icon
OTF Trading Model Description 5 April 2022 Download PDF Link Icon
HPC IS OTF Rate Card 5 April 2022 Download PDF Link Icon
Publications Pre and Post transactions View Document Link Icon