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We are delighted to announce that the acquisition of HPC SA, OTCex LLC and OTCex Hong-Kong Ltd (with all their branches and subsidiaries) by the Marex Group has been completed. As of 1 February, 2023, we are now part of the Marex Group.

A public announcement can be found on

The sale has not resulted in a change in the management, business, operations or financial condition of the HPC / OTCex investment firms and they will continue to be operated, managed, and supervised as previously.

While HPC SA, OTCex LLC and OTCex Hong-Kong Ltd have a new owner (and a new logo), we will continue to provide you with the same excellent customer service with no impact to you or your business.

We look forward to being able to give you access to a larger offering as part of the Marex Group in the near future.